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What Can Be Done About Bullying?

Posted on Oct 16 2020 by Aaron Heldt

What Can Be Done About Bullying?

Bullying can be found in all types of organizations and societal structures, but it is perhaps more obvious and destructive during the middle school and high school years. The concept of bullying behavior in schools has been presented so often in films and television that it has become almost an expectation of being a student. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Even though bullying has been around as long as humans have lived in societies, there are bullying prevention efforts that can make these formative years safer for middle school and high school age students. 

Teen Center and Thrift Store Preparing Teens for the Workforce

Job readiness programs help teens develop an increased sense of social responsibility, develop valuable soft and hard skills in an active business setting, improve communication and critical thinking skills, discover their passions and potential career paths, develop a sense of purpose, and mobilize them to not just exist in their community but to be an active part of it.

"Drive Out Bullying" Returns in October

Posted on Aug 17 2020 by Priscilla Steinmetz

"Drive Out Bullying" Returns in October

The Bridge Teen Center and The Bridge Thrift Store are pleased to announce that the "Drive Out Bullying" initiative will be held again this October in honor of National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month. Whether sponsoring, volunteering, donating goods, or shopping, there are multiple ways for you, your family or your business to support this important campaign.

We’re In This Together: 5 Benefits of Family Volunteerism

Volunteering with your family provides numerous benefits. Whether it be serving your local food pantry, animal shelter, senior citizen home, or non-profit community thrift store (how about The Bridge Thrift Store?!), all provide unique ways to give back to the community as well as opportunities for you and your family to connect in a meaningful way.

Bridge Bulletin: Summer 2020

Posted on Jul 6 2020 by Aaron Heldt

Bridge Bulletin:  Summer 2020

When we kicked-off our 10th anniversary celebration at Chefs’ Auction in March, little did we know a global pandemic was less than one week away. We looked forward to the celebrations, welcoming hundreds of new students in May and June, rolling out another full Summer Program Magazine, and so much more. Like many others, most of our plans went up in smoke as the world sheltered-in-place.