November is "Empowering Teens Month"

Posted on Sep 13 2021 by Aaron Heldt

November is "Empowering Teens Month"

We are excited to announce our new “Empowering Teens Month" initiative launching in November (a new, positive spin-off from our 10+ years of acknowledging National Bullying Preventional Awareness month). This initiative brings much-needed awareness to the importance and impact of afterschool programs that help ENGAGE, CONNECT and EMPOWER teens to navigate life and discover who they were created to be.

We’re In This Together: 5 Benefits of Family Volunteerism

Volunteering with your family provides numerous benefits. Whether it be serving your local food pantry, animal shelter, senior citizen home, or non-profit community thrift store (how about The Bridge Thrift Store?!), all provide unique ways to give back to the community as well as opportunities for you and your family to connect in a meaningful way.