The Bridge Teen Center and The Bridge Thrift Store offer hands-on, real life experience to individuals looking to build or improve skills in communication, personal and professional leadership, research analysis, project and time management, and leading students in a non-traditional educational setting. We offer internships in the following areas:

  • Psychology, Human Development or related fields
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing, Public Relations and Social Media
  • Graphic Design & Videography
  • Business & Administration
  • Event Planning
  • Art
  • Youth Work/Youth Ministry
  • Retail Management or Merchandising


    We have limited internship spots available; however, we are always searching for outstanding applicants to join our team. The Bridge has submission deadlines for internships in order for applications to be processed, reviewed and considered each semester or quarter. The next deadline is follows:

    • November 1 - Spring Semester (January - May)
    • April 1 - Summer Semester (June - August)
    • August 1 - Fall Semester (September - December)

    Interview and Selection Process

    Internship candidates all go through three stages of our selection process. This includes:

    1. Phone Interview

    2. In-Person or Zoom Interview

    3. Pre-Employment Assessment Test

    A candidate may also be required to submit a portfolio of their work or complete a task or small project (based on department) to showcase their abilities. Applications may receive a letter, phone call or email notification of their final decision rendered by the department.

    How To Apply

    Click below to review our current internship opportunities and follow the application instructions to apply.

    Internship Opportunities