Program Internship

Under the leadership of the Program Director, the intern will provide assistance with planning, organization, and implementation of various programs and events.


  1. Assist the Program Director in planning, promoting, and facilitating afterschool programs for teens.
  2. Initiate rapport and build influential relationships with teens and parents.
  3. Carry out Student Retention Plan by promoting and confirming program sign-ups (phone call, face-to-face, and mailings) and student check-in/check-out process.
  4. Identify student needs and encourage student involvement in programs and appropriate interventions.
  5. Assist in researching and maintaining a program element (i.e. community resources database, resource files, community service projects, etc.)
  6. Communicate effectively with program team (meetings before and after student hours) and documenting data in student records.
  7. Maintain quality of programs and student involvement (meeting core elements: engage, connect, empower) and contribute to program assessment.
  8. Provide support in setting up/cleaning up after events and programs.
  9. Be present for afterschool hours and two Friday Night Live events per month, as scheduled.
  10. Assist in creating new program ideas and events for the following semester.
  11. Assist in community outreach efforts.
  12. Provide administrative support for day-to-day operations when needed.
  13. Other duties as assigned by the Program Staff.


  1. Passion for the mission of The Bridge Teen Center.
  2. Strong understanding of preventative care and importance of proactive approach to social services.
  3. The ability to work well with individuals and groups of students in a fast-paced and highly detail-oriented environment.
  4. The ability to work independently and with a team to meet deadlines and complete all tasks with excellence and with minimal management.
  5. A friendly, responsive, and patient demeanor and outgoing personality.
  6. Sensitivity to different opinions and adaptability to various personalities.
  7. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, including both writing and verbal.
  8. Personal and professional integrity. Committed to excellence and does not “cut corners.”
  9. Clear and creative thinking.
  10. Strong organizational skills.
  11. The ability to lift more than 15 to 20 pounds.
  12. A sense of humor.


It is the desire of the Bridge Teen Center, through our internship program, for each intern to experience hands-on training in a career area of interest and develop practical leadership skills for the future. We encourage interns to:

  1. Set personal goals for what they would like to accomplish during their internship.
  2. Have regular informational meetings with staff.
  3. Tackle all tasks with enthusiasm, humility, and a positive attitude.
  4. Take advantage of opportunities to learn more about the organization.
  5. Gain exposure to new ideas and people (network).
  6. Not be afraid of asking questions.
  7. Take initiative.


Click below to complete the Internship Application. In addition to completing the application, please upload your resume and cover letter. You will be contacted if your credentials match the needs of The Bridge Teen Center. This process may be prolonged due to the high volume of applications we receive. No phone calls or visits please.

Internship Application