Bridge Ambassadors Hand Out Bombas Socks to the Homeless

Posted on Jan 27 2017 by Esther Strausbaugh

The harsh winters of Chicago are difficult to get through for the homeless individuals in downtown Chicago, but the season is a little warmer thanks to our friends at Bombas and a small group of teen leaders. The Bridge Teen Center's Student Ambassadors had a mission: to spread warmth and compassion throughout the streets of Chicago. We embarked on this journey with [150] Bombas socks, a train ticket, and the desire to make the holiday season better for those less fortunate.

We made our way up and down the streets of Downtown Chicago and were able to pass out most of the Bombas socks. Finding homeless individuals became easier after a while. We identified the piles of blankets that someone was sleeping under and the space between buildings someone was standing between to stay protected from the cold. Our hands and feet became numb but our understanding and compassion towards the issue of homelessness grew. Walking down the street, the people who were always "invisible" to us during a fun trip to the city with friends were now the people we were actively seeking.

We learned that each human life has dignity and deserves our attention and warmth. We realized that everyone has a story, and to make a difference in our community we must start with compassion and a desire to understand the needs. And we learned the value of service, even as simple as handing someone in need a pair of socks, a friendly smile, or a kind conversation with respect and dignity for the other person, can make a lasting impact.  But the biggest take-away from this experience was that we need not travel far to serve. Within our local community, our schools, and our homes we encounter individuals who need a word of encouragement, a warm meal, or a friendly smile. All we need to do to start is ask ourselves: What can I do to serve local?

The Bridge Teen Center would like to thank Bombas socks for generously supporting this community service project. If you or your student are interested, you may serve local through our “Project Serve” programs!

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