Posted on Sep 8 2016 by Esther Strausbaugh


Hey students! The Bridge Teen Center wants to help you experience the fall season to the fullest. The more you experience, the cooler your reward…

Complete FIVE of these experiences and we’ll give you a Bridge t-shirt PLUS a free root beer and cookie on a Friday night in December-February.  

Complete SEVEN of these experiences and you’ll receive 2 free passes to the Celebration Lounge on a mutually-agreeable Friday night in December-February.

Complete all ELEVEN

and you’ll receive 6 free passes to the Celebration Lounge PLUS we’ll deliver Pumpkin Spice Lattes to your group on a mutually agreeable Friday night in December-February.

Instructions: Pick up your booklet the next time you are at The Bridge, write your name on the cover of the booklet, and have a Bridge staff member stamp it each time you complete a program. You can keep the booklet with you, or you can store it on the designated bulletin board at The Bridge. At the end of the semester, turn in your booklet to any staff member - once your attendance is verified, you’ll be able to redeem your rewards!

Pick up your booklet at The Bridge today!

Click here to view our programs for the semester.