Part-Time Clothing Processor

Position Summary:

The Clothing Processor will be responsible for efficiently receiving and processing all clothing donations, maintaining an organized processing area and other functions to support the clothing merchandise sales.

  1. Quickly purging and sorting donated clothing.
  2. Follow guidelines to properly hang clothes on rolling racks for efficient stocking.
  3. Stock clothes in Front of House as needed to make sure clothing fixtures are full and shoppable.
  4. Store clothes in Back of House (as necessary) in designated areas.
  5. Continuously keep the clothing processing area appearance tidy and organized, including rolling racks, sorting tables and hanger storage.
  6. Assist to make sure stored clothing in Back of House is continuously cycled to sales floor.
  7. Purge clothes in Front of House as necessary to maintain quality control.
  8. Help support with training assigned volunteers and students on processing and stocking clothes.
  9. Consistently provide a friendly and welcoming environment for volunteers by greeting and thanking them; as well as quickly responding to volunteers’ inquiries and needs related to processing of clothes.
  10. Provide leadership and display a heart of service in working with students to help them learn, grow, and accomplish their objectives.
  11. Responsible for keeping inventory of clothes processing supplies.
  12. Other duties as assigned by the Co-Founder/Store Director.

Must Possess:

  1. Passion for the mission of The Bridge Teen Center.
  2. Strong, friendly and engaging verbal communication skills with an understanding of quality guest services.
  3. Outgoing personality and outwardly-focused mentality; Solid people skills.
  4. Ability to prioritize schedule, task and projects and meet necessary deadlines.
  5. Willingness to work hard at completing all tasks with excellence.
  6. Ability to clearly communicate issues before they become problems.
  7. Friendly, responsive and patient approach.
  8. Personal and professional integrity (even in social and online settings).
  9. Think clearly and creatively, especially when problem-solving.
  10. Sense of humor.