Free bus pick-up at local schools!

The Bridge Teen Center offers FREE pick-up at several local schools during the school year and at select locations during the summer months. Students must have a complete Student Membership Application (SMA) on file with "permission to transport" checked off. 

Advance sign-up is required either online or by phone. 

To sign-up online, click the green bus button in the upper right corner of the website. Once you have signed-up online, your sign-up can only be altered by phone. Please note if school is not in session or if there is a snow day (during the school year), there will be no Bridge bus pick-up. No bus pick up last week in November (Bridge is closed for Break Week).


 Arbor Park Middle School (Tues. @ 2:30pm - Door 15 - Front)
 Tinley Park High School (Tues. @ 3:05pm - Main Entrance)
 Orland Junior High (Wed. @ 3:25pm - East of bus lane, South side)
 Summit Hill Junior High (Wed. @ 2:25pm - Front, behind all buses)
 Central Middle School (Wed. @ 3:05pm - Door 3 - East Side)
 Arbor Park Middle School (Thurs. @ 2:30pm - Door 15 - Front)
 Jerling Junior High (Wed. @ 4:00pm - North side after Homework Club)
 Oak Forest High School (Tues. @ 3:25pm - Bus lane)
 Jack Hille Middle School (Thurs. @ 2:45pm - Front Semi-Circle)

If your school is not listed here, please email us at or call 708.532.0500 if you are interested in bus pick-up. 

Due to limited volunteer and staff availability, we are not able to accommodate every request.