Join us from home on Zoom and eat the rainbow in your food! Translation = eat fresh veggies. If you have the ingredients and mason jars, free to make these fresh recipes right along with us or just watch. Liquify fresh veggies in a blender to create a surprisingly-flavorful smoothie. For your second jar, add salad layers - your dressing of choice goes on the bottom. Add chopped veggies - purple onions, chickpeas, tomatoes, or maybe green peppers. Super greens go on top. When you’re ready to eat, just shake it up or pour it in a bowl. Check out full recipes for mason jar smoothies and salads

To enter a Bridge @ Zoom program:
- Click on STUDENT PORTAL at
- Use your USER ID and PASSWORD to log in.
- Click on PROGRAM LIST to view programs you signed up for.
- Click ZOOM link for your program, or copy and paste into a browser.
- Wait in the ZOOM WAITING ROOM until the program begins.
- Review the Bridge @ Zoom GUIDELINES while you wait.

For the best Zoom experience, please use a computer or tablet with a good internet connection. 

The Bridge is unable to provide individual technical support for Zoom program access.

Important Attendance Policy:

Out of respect to our volunteers, please be sure you can attend the programs you sign up for. Confirmation calls or text messages are made 48-72 hours prior to every program. If you do not respond to our confirmation call within 24 hours of the program, a student on the waiting list will fill your spot. If a student is a "no show" for 2 or more programs, they will be automatically placed on the waiting list for other programs they have signed up for during that semester. 48 hours notice is required for all cancellations.