Join us from home on Zoom! If you have the ingredients, feel free to make this recipe right along with us or just watch. Create a classic dish - ham and cheese toasties (aka ham and cheese sandwich on steroids). It’s good for the soul and it’ll warm you right up. Make a cheesy Bechamel sauce by melting butter, flour, and milk over low heat. Fold in cheese, ham, and green onions. Add this heavenly sauce to two pieces of sourdough bread. “Smoosh” (that’s the correct term, you know) both pieces of bread together and toast until brown on the outside and melty in the middle. Who’s in? Remember to wear green, too! See full recipe here (coming soon)!

To enter a Bridge @ Zoom program:

- Click on STUDENT PORTAL at
- Use your USER ID and PASSWORD to log in.
- Click on PROGRAM LIST to view programs you signed up for.
- Click the ZOOM link for your program, or copy and paste into a browser.
- Wait in the ZOOM WAITING ROOM until the program begins.
- Review the Bridge @ Zoom GUIDELINES while you wait.

For the best Zoom experience, please use a computer or tablet with a good internet connection. The Bridge is unable to provide individual technical support for Zoom program access.

Important Attendance Policy:

Out of respect to our volunteers, please be sure you can attend the programs you sign up for. Confirmation calls or text messages are made 48-72 hours prior to every program. If you do not respond to our confirmation call within 24 hours of the program, a student on the waiting list will fill your spot. If a student is a "no show" for 2 or more programs, they will be automatically placed on the waiting list for other programs they have signed up for during that semester. 48 hours notice is required for all cancellations.