COVID-19 Safety Measures

Posted on Jun 26 2020 by Aaron Heldt

COVID-19 Safety Measures

We're in this Together! 

It's important for every Bridge family member to do their part to keep everyone safe and healthy. With that in mind, please review the guidelines below:

    Please arrive on time (not early) for your program. Pick-up must also be on-time (not late).
  • SIGN UP:
    There will be no drop-in hours for now. All programs and events require advanced sign-up online.
    Please stay 6 feet away from others inside AND outside of the building.
    Masks must be worn in and around the facility at all times. Try not to touch your mask.
    All furniture has been placed for social distancing, so please don't move anything.
    If you utilize a space, sanitize it when you're done so others can safely use it.
    Use bathrooms or hand sanitization stations regularly to keep hands clean. 
    Do not set your phone down on public surface or share it with others. 
    Do not share cafe items with others for any reason. Keep food to yourself.
    If you use something, please place it in a sanitization bin or wipe it down yourself.

A number of physical changes and changes to protocol are being executed inside our facility in an effort to create the healthiest environment possible for students. For a visual overview, watch the video below.

  • Sneeze Guards - have been installed in 15 locations around the facility - even on our foosball table! 
  • Bathrooms Retrofitted - with touch-free sinks, soap/towel dispensers, seat covers and antimicrobial toilet seats. 
  • Hand-Washing Stations - will be available outside our entrance for students to use before entry. 
  • Sanitization Stations - have been place around our facility for quick and easy cleaning.   
  • Socially Distant Seating - couches have been removed and replaced with chairs throughout our space. 
  • Safety Signage - social distancing stickers and safety signage have been added throughout the facility.
  • Additional Gaming Supplies - have been added in order to safely clean after each use.
  • Cafe Modifications - iPads have been removed at the cafe and all food and beverages sold will be prepackaged. 
  • Masks - EVERYONE, including students, will be required to wear a face mask inside and around the facility.

We would like to thank those who helped support our safety modifications, including: NuMark Credit Union and Federal Home Loan Bank of ChicagoPolyJohnCustom Plate Glass in Posen,, and those who purchased items from our Amazon “Post Pandemic” Wish List.