The Bridge Teen Center is an innovative, nationally-recognized nonprofit teen community center that provides free holistically-designed afterschool programs and events. We were founded on and are driven by our Christian principles, and we provide a fast-paced, family-like work environment. Since 2010, we have served more than 10,000+ different students from 128 neighboring communities. Our employees are referred to internally as “Gladiators” because we fight for the students we serve on a daily basis, and we adhere to the following values:




A fun, family-like, welcoming environment.

Create & ELEVATE

Innovation and quality of service. 

Heart of SERVICE

Loving environment that fosters meaningful relationships and connections. 

Doing things with PURPOSE

Intentional and holistic outcomes.

Attitude of EXCELLENCE

The “WOW” factor. 

Teamwork and COLLABORATION   

Supportive environment that consistently executes with excellence. 


Under the leadership of the Program Director, the Program Assistant will provide direct support in the specific area of programming and events for teens. Responsibilities will include, but not be limited to: student & volunteer supervision, membership support and coordination of assigned programs and events.


  1. Oversee activity on floor as assigned during after school hours and at least two Friday nights a month.
  2. Welcome and assist with Student Membership needs and lead students to assigned program to insure a safe, warm, and learning environment. 
  3. Make introductions, help kick-off, and monitor programs to maintain flow during after school and Friday nights.
  4. Responsible for helping set up and clean up after events and programs and closing center once a week.
  5. Welcome and direct volunteers and interns for scheduled program and after school positions.
  6. Provide information and guidance to parents or adults in keeping with our safety policies during student hours. 
  7. Build influential relationships with teens and manage student behavior. 
  8. Provide program administrative support to the Program Director; including administrative help of the student database, including student care data, miscellaneous data entry and data clean-up as assigned. 
  9. Participate in Student Care Plan by communicating student situations or behavior that needs special attention. 
  10. Work with other staff in providing feedback for creating new program ideas and events.
  11. Support in onboarding new students by making phone calls, preparing mailings, welcoming them, and answer general questions regarding membership and participation. 
  12. Other duties as assigned by the Program Director.


  1. A heart that is committed to pouring into the lives of teenagers.
  2. True passion for the concept and mission of The Bridge Teen Center. 
  3. Desire to learn more about the interests and needs of teenagers on an ongoing basis. 
  4. A desire to be part of an entity that brings community together.
  5. Positive, authentic, and able to connect with parents, students and visitors.  
  6. Ability to be a forward thinker and not rest in routine.
  7. Outwardly-focused and team-oriented mentalities. 
  8. Strong and positive communication skills – both verbal and non-verbal. 
  9. Strong organization and time management skills.
  10. Willingness to work hard at completing all tasks with excellence.
  11. Ability to clearly communicate issues before they become problems.
  12. Friendly, responsive and patient approach.
  13. Ability to develop authentic relationships with a wide variety of audiences. 
  14. Personal and professional integrity (even in social and online settings).
  15. Sense of humor.


We are seeking someone with a genuine call to work with students and at least 2 years experience. Must be passionate about loving and serving teenagers, with a strong desire to grow in that service. Strong personal integrity and communication skills are required. Applicants should click the purple "Apply Now" button to submit an application AND submit a resume to [email protected] No phone calls or visits.