Carl Sandburg


Student Ambassadors represent all the students at The Bridge Teen Center. In the community, a Student Ambassador is trusted to be a positive example of the students at The Bridge and tells community members and new students about the organization's mission. 

While at The Bridge, a Student Ambassador welcomes new students and is open to serving, leading and growing - they are equipped to spread the mission through support and mentorship by Bridge staff members. The core elements of Student Ambassadorship include:

SERVICE A Student Ambassador is enthusiastic about helping students at The Bridge grow and is willing to put others first and do what is needed with a positive attitude.

LEADERSHIP A Student Ambassador goes “the extra mile” to carry out service and is an example for other students through his/her actions and words for maintaining a safe and positive atmosphere at The Bridge.

GROWTH A Student Ambassador is always striving to become the best version of him/herself and is open to opportunities to improve as a leader.