Jason Marion

Thrift Store Director and Store Co-Founder

Jason Marion

Jason Marion earned a B.S. in Finance, Insurance, and Economics from Illinois State University. His first position was with Longtin Family Companies, where he played an integral role in the firm's evolution and aggregate growth. Jason wore several hats with Longtin Family Companies over the years, earning his way to the role of Chief Operating Officer.

Jason got to know Priscilla as a volunteer in her youth group, where he worked directly with students for many years. Jason was the second person to ever hear about the vision for The Bridge Teen Center, and it did not require much convincing for Jason to take hold of the vision and raise his hand to help out. Jason has been involved with The Bridge since before the doors ever opened.

As a volunteer with The Bridge, Jason was part of the organization's founding Board of Directors. He also led the organization's Junior Board, which raised over $100,000 for The Bridge between 2009-2011. Jason has worn every hat imaginable with The Bridge, including painting walls, building relationships with key donors, and working directly with students at Friday Night Live events.

Jason's current role as Director and Co-Founder of The Bridge Thrift Store is what brought him to the organization on a full-time basis. In his role, Jason manages all aspects of the retail operation that provides financial support for The Bridge and ongoing service opportunities for Bridge students. His passion for The Bridge Teen Center and his enthusiasm for his role with The Bridge Thrift Store are truly contagious. 

Jason and his wife Sarah were set-up by Priscilla, and they now have two beautiful children together (Izzy and Ian).